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Escape Fan – 4 Floors Escape Fan – 4 Floors

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Random puzzle solving which could have benefited a lot from better artwork and more thought-out puzzles and storytelling. A fun distraction if you like these kinds of games. Author: There was this annoying 2-second lag every 10 seconds or so, making me unable to interact with the game. Almost like the game was buffering even though I wasn't doing anything. Also, spelling error at the end (contats = congrats)

EscapeFan responds:

Thanks for the review. At the end it's not contats, but Gongtats! It's not a spelling error, every escape game developed by Ainars has this ending for years. It's a long story, but if you will play more Escape Fan games made by Ainars, you will get used to it :)

Awful Rower Saga: Part I Awful Rower Saga: Part I

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Couldn't get past the early level where you start to the right on a slope and need to go up to the left. Controls won't let me go anywhere but down and right. jump just slightly halts my tempo and hovers me 1 cm above the slope for 0.3 secs. So pretty much unplayable sorry to say :/ Otherwise, work on the execution a bit, seems like it could be an interesting concept but it just looks very uninteresting, and the physics don't really make sense (why are you sliding across a grey 'concrete' surface as if it was ice? and then a few levels later you stand completely still on a 45 degree slope? Have the environments reflect why this is happening. I would also clean up the intro, tie it in more with the art style of the rest of the game. Looks very tacked on and unpolished right now. I like the music! Good stuff. Some more polish and bug testing and maybe a style re-evaluation and this game could be really cool. Just a wild suggestion, why not have the 'rower' (what is that even?) have like a line of dialogue pop up on every or every other level, saying something mysterious or interesting that hints at what the story/his origin is. Keep working at it! :)

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